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Along with her performance career, Madison has been a private music educator since 2018, utilizing her extensive classical vocal education and training to help others develop their own vocal artistry.  Her past and current students are singing as soloists and choral members in symphony orchestras, church choirs, and on the opera stage. 

Madison has received her Masters Degree in Opera Performance under Dr. Rebecca Folsom from Boston Conservatory at Berklee and her undergraduate degree in classical vocal performance from The Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at Long Beach State. 


Madison offers lessons and coaching on: 

  • Classical vocal technique​

  • Musicality and artistic interpretation

  • Language diction 

  • Audition preparation

  • Classical music career guidance for young singers.

 Lessons are offered online via Zoom or FaceTime. Video conference technology has come a long way, especially since 2020 in optimizing visual/audio technology so musicians of all kinds can practice and perform through online platforms without distortion or limitations to the musician's sound quality. Online zoom lessons also offer the convenience to connect and receive lessons with Madison while traveling and/or living in another city. 

For all lesson and coaching inquiries, please reach out by filling out the form on the contact page

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Created by classical soprano and educator Madison Hatten, the BRAVURA Practice Journal for Musicians is tailored with the busy classical musician in mind who is ready to stop spending hours aimlessly making sound during valuable practice time and start turbo-charging the results of their labor in the practice room.

 This practice tool helps busy musicians like you clarify and prioritize what needs to get done in the practice room, leading to better time-efficiency, less mental clutter, and more measurable progress on your way to performance day.

This “get-down-to-business” practice journal includes:
- a guide and description of each facet of the framework
- expert tips on how to get the most out of your practice session
- a clean, minimalist design for simplicity and clarity.
- a "notes" section for each practice session
- black pages in the back of the book to use as needed
- a lightweight, portable size for easy on-the-go transportation


" Madison is an AMAZING vocal instructor. I’ve worked with a few private teachers in the past, and she is by far the best one I’ve had. After just a few lessons, I feel like I’ve already learned and grown so much as a classical singer. She’s my instructor now after having taken a decade break from singing and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. I wasn’t sure if Zoom lessons would be the best way to get back into singing, but it has actually been an incredible experience. If you’re on the fence about taking a lesson in general and have come across her profile, look no further and book a meeting! You won’t regret it. :) "  - Lydia W. 

" l'm so glad I found Madison! I was looking for a vocal coach to help prepare for a choral audition. Madison helped me to feel confident walking into the audition and has helped me to reconnect to music and singing again. She's a fantastic, kind, knowledgeable, and patient teacher, and I'm looking forward to more lessons. Thanks Madison!"  - Carly L. 

"Madison is a wonderful classical voice teacher who not only is a trained opera singer with a beautiful voice but also happens to play the piano equally as well. She not only has taught me how to improve my pitch, timbre, and breathing, and my posture...she also has taught me vocal anatomy, including what constitutes overuse or misuse of my voice. She is a professional in every sense of the word. Her pedagogical skills are phenomenal -- I'm learning skills I never really learned in the voice lessons I took when I first started singing. Madison has a great ear...she can hear nuances in my voice; she is able to pick up on techniques I've forgotten; and she works on areas in which I need the most help...Madison is engaging, warm, patient, funny, encouraging, energetic...she recognizes my vocal strengths and weaknesses and works patiently to correct old habits while teaching and showing me how to improve my voice. I know she has my best interests at heart. I strongly recommend Madison Hatten without any reservation."  - Anne G. 

"I am inspired to sing again because of this amazing young woman. I have studied singing most of my life and due to aging the process, or COVID, or vocal cord issues, or a combination, my voice deteriorated greatly to the point I was resigned to never sing again. A big hole was missing in my soul. I started seeing Madison due to a friend's encouragement, and with a lot of patience and work, my voice is coming back! I could almost cry. I highly recommend this gifted voice teacher/coach."  - Malinda W.

" I thought my ability to sing Bel Canto repertoire was over! Thanks to Madison's skill, patience, and constant encouragement I am excited about singing the music I love..Madison is a gem!!" - Sylvia S. 

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